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Buy Floating Mining & Dewatering Pontoons
We have a range of 6 and 8 floating pontoons built to the highest standard for strength, durability and operational safety.

We provide fully designed and engineered industrial pump pontoons, dewatering pontoons, mining tailings dam pontoons, floating aerator pontoons, sewerage treatment plant mixer/pump pontoons, etc.
We have the following types of pontoons for sale:

- Floating Pontoon
- Mining Pontoon
- Pontoons for Mine Pumps
- Dewatering Pontoon
- Pipe Floats
- Industrial Pump Pontoon
- Sludge Pontoon
- Sewerage Pontoon
- Desludging Pontoon
- Waste Water Pontoons
The robustly built, structural steel pontoon frames are hot dipped galvanized for higher corrosion resistance in marine, salt or chemical environments.

The modular pontoons are based on rotationally moulded, high-density polyethylene flotation modules which are manufactured from UV stabilized, high impact and stress crack resistant high-density polyethylene.  The polyethylene flotation modules are virtually indestructible, maintenance free and are resistant to fresh and saltwater marine environments, along with harsh sewerage, effluent and mining environments.

Please ring us for a quote on our existing pontoons.

Pontoons can be manufactured in various sizes and capacities for the most arduous services from slurry to high discharge pressures. Pump Pontoons can design and deliver a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

In addition we can design and fabricate customized pump pontoons for specific environments and load requirements.  Our pontoons are built to the highest standards for improved stability, long-term corrosion resistance and maximum operational performance.