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Design a Pontoon
Our pump pontoon engineers can design a pontoon solution for any industrial application.  Our pump pontoons have integrated structural steel frames that allows them to be assembled in a variety of configurations to enable the pontoons to be tailored by the customer to their specific requirements.

The modular nature of the pontoon floats allows the pontoon design to be expanded or customized to almost any load requirement.

A pontoon can thus be designed specifically to suit each particular installation.

The floatation modules are fitted with top entry inspection ports and are ballasted with a weighted keel for increased roll-over stability and filled with a closed-cell polymer foam to make the floatation modules unsinkable even if the rotomolded surface layer is breeched or damaged. The float systems are sized so that buoyancy exceeds total pump assembly weight by 250 kg minimum.

The bottom keel areas of the pontoon floats can be clad with stainless steel wear strips to allow the pontoons to be push on rough or rocky terrain without wear or damage to the bottom of the polyethylene pontoon floats.

The pontoon decking can be customized according to specific design requirements and customer needs which include aluminium expanded mesh, aluminium tread plate and galvanised steel grating.

Our pontoons are engineered from high quality materials to ensure that they will operate reliably in all types of service environments and with a wide range of fluid types such as mine process water, waste water and effluents.