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Hire a Pontoon
For short term projects or jobs that do not require a dedicated pontoon, hiring a pontoon can be a good option.

Pontoons with or without pumps are available for hire along with layflat discharge hose, hose fittings, and other accessories such as laflat hose reel and winders.

Our floating platforms can be used as pumping pontoons for water removal, water supply, or solids removal.

Pump pontoon provides an ideal method for pumping from effluent treatment or holding ponds and for desludging.

Our pontoons feature a high strength upper structure with a galvanized coating finish, modular HDPE floats, and heavy duty fasteners.

The pontoon's inherent design stability allows for routine pump inspection, lubrication and maintenance to be performed without the need to lift either the pontoon or the pump out of the dam or lagoon.

Our hire terms and conditions are available on this site.